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Best Binary BrokersWe welcome you to our Binary Options Toplist site. We as a group of traders, register and deposit at nearly all of the existing brokers in the online trading market. Then we continuously trade with them to sort these brokers out according to our ranking criteria. Finally, we recommend you the best binary brokers in terms of timely payments, accurate trading executions and quality of customer service.

By accomplishing all of these intensive and time-consuming efforts, we aim to make you choose the most appropriate broker brands for a long-lasting trader satisfaction. Simply, we save your time and energy by filtering the best ones and assure you to trade with the ultimate satisfactory brokers stated on the below top list. We regularly update our top lists and reviews. So we highly recommend you to bookmark our site and visit us frequently to have the most updated information available.

Binary Options Toplist

Maximum Payout
Minimum Deposit
IQ OptionIQ Option
92% (*)
No Bonus
100% First Deposit
Special Trading Competitions
100% up-to $150
50% First Deposit
CapoTrade logoCapoTrade
Up to 100% Welcome Bonus

Amount to be credited to account for a successful trade.

Lastly updated on 1st of December 2017.

EU Regulated Binary Options Brokers

MyChargeBackThe Binary Options trading trend has been continuously increasing in the recent years. More and more traders tend to prefer Binary Options trading besides to Forex trading. In order to accommodate this strong increasing demand for Digital Options, a numerous number of brokers flourish in the market each day. Although the richness of variety increases the enjoyment of the traders, the absolute threat of choosing unsatisfactory or even scam brokers is also rising proportionally.

Due to limited time and energy, people generally tend to scan the maximum of ten to twenty binary destinations to find the best binary brokers out of four digit number of Binary trading sites on the web. Here come our mission and vision for making the trading journey of the traders more comfortable yet safer. So please refer to our comprehensive broker reviews to trade wisely and safely.

At the moment, there are more than 400 trading platforms for investors and traders to choose from.  In 2008, when the binary options movement first started, there were only ten brokers or trading platforms to choose from. When competitors started to see this opportunity, they began creating more trading platforms and this is certainly a good thing for traders, as they now have more options to choose from and there are more opportunities to earn something.

Once you get yourself into binary options, it is very important to decide what broker you are going to trade with.  We have made this available for all traders, by previously testing and working with some of the brokers out there, so we can compare them with you and give you more information about how they work.

You can look at our entire site and find that we do provide some professional reviews about brokers that are available all over the world right now.

How to Start Trading in 3 Steps

1 – Pick one of the brokers from our list above

If you live in the US, you should pick one of the brokers that accept people from the US, you can identify these and they have the US flag. Unfortunately, none of the brokers on our list accept traders from the US currently. If the regulatory conditions change in time, we will promptly update our top lists.

2 – Open and register for an account with that broker

I like to work and trade with more than one broker at the time. Currently, we trade at six different platforms and we really want to recommend the traders to open accounts with several brokers, so you can have access to more assets.

3 – Start Trading With These Steps

In the past, there were no true regulators for being in charge of binary options and Forex trading all over the world.  Today, there are many ways to trade. This may be due to the faster access to technology and communication systems around the planet.  This is why there are now more regulation rules as well and why some regulatory associations have been created.

There are many times when some of these associations only work in certain parts of the world and their main goal is to validate the brokers that offer binary options trading, as well as other asset opportunities.

Forex or Binary Options Trading?

There are some Binary Options brokers and Forex brokers as well, that have some very sophisticated platforms and that offer some incredible features to its members.  Knowing this, traders start thinking about whether it is a good idea to trade Forex assets or binary options, but it is important to remember that not all of the brokers are operating professionally and that not all of them have a good reputation. There are some US brokers that follow some of the strictest regulations and this helps to prevent unreliable brokers from taking trades.

These are the regulations that cause some brokers to adjust their regulations and to not admit everyone.  Instead of following all of the strict regulations in the market, we have selected the brokers that offer the best opportunities and features.

The brokers and Binary Options platforms that we are recommending here, have been tested and we approve them.  We have also created some reviews and recommendations and divided them into regions. This means that you only have to select the broker that you want to use from the list below and the place where you live at will play an important part in this selection. Once you have chosen a broker, you just have to create an account with them and sign in.

Binary Options Trading in the US

At the moment, there are 2 regulatory organisations, which are the most important ones for binary option and Forex trading in the US. These are the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and the NFA (National Futures Association). The regulations that are currently being followed, state that no broker should accept traders from the US.  It is possible for the brokers to be prosecuted if they do not follow the regulations and recently there have been some large penalties against brokers who did not follow them.

This is why there are now two main categories of binary options and Forex trading platforms, which accept US traders.  These categories are regulated by some important regulation associations in the US and the ones that are not, are regulated by offshore countries.

The brokers who accept US traders, usually have common platforms.  These platforms also require its users to do some investigation, as it is not always easy to trade. This is why we have created some reviews and why we are ready to make you some recommendations.

Regulated Binary Options Brokers

People who live in the United Kingdom can find some other methods of trading. When trading from the UK, it is possible to choose any virtual broker, as there are nor regional regulations to worry about.  It is even possible to pick a broker with EU regulation. There are some regulatory bodies in the EU & UK. These are licenses that are worth a lot when given to binary options brokers and this means that they are a reputable broker as well.

Even though traders from the UK are free to pick the broker that they want to trade with, it is recommended that they do some research and pick the best broker according to their needs and investment requirements.

Australian Binary Options Trading

Trading binary options is now also very popular in Australia and it appears that this trend will continue to grow over time.  At the moment, Australia does not prohibit binary options trading and brokers who are located here or outside Australia, can offer Australian citizens their services.

This is why a regulatory commission had to be formed in Australia, as Binary Options trading and Forex trading is getting more popular each and every single day. This does not mean that it is illegal for Australians to trade binary options or Forex and this also means that agent companies can offer their opportunities in Australia or from Australia.  At the moment there are many brokers in this country and while some are not, they do have some licenses from Australian regulatory bodies. These platforms have been tested and verified by us and they are in our reputable Australian broker list.

Binary Options Trading in Canada

Online trading is allowed in Canada, but there is still no organisation that regulates trades in this country.  How it works in Canada is that each of the provinces has its own Forex and Binary Options regulations.  One of the most important regulation associations in Canada is the IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada). This body is ready to create and enforce regulation according to Canadian laws and markets, but it cannot do the same with trading over the web.

We have already reviewed and analysed the brokers that operate in Canada. This list of brokers is a good way to start trading for people who are in Canada.  You only have to follow the link above and learn more about the brokers that we recommend.

When we talk about Binary Options and Forex trading, traders who are located in Europe are very lucky, as they can trade anywhere they want.  There are now many regulation bodies in Europe, like Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, which has some of the regulations that control Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.  This also means that brokers who have this license can accept traders from any part of Europe.  CySEC is also the most important regulation association when it comes to binary options.

People who trade in Europe, also have the opportunity to open accounts offshore for trading binary options or Forex assets.  This means that European traders are an important community in this industry.  This also means that these traders need to select the brokers they trade with carefully and that they must really do some research. The list that we created for you, will help to choose the best broker services so that you can easily become a member and start trading this very day.

Many people get excited when talking about trading and investing opportunities. When investing in binary options, getting the advice of an experienced broker is always a smart thing. Picking a broker that really offers reliable services will always yield better results.

13 Important Tips For Picking The Right Binary Options Broker

There are many brokers and binary option trading platforms who only want to get money out of their members.  This is why it is of extreme importance to try and choose your broker carefully. 

The following are some critical tips for picking a broker, depending on what type of trader you are and what you are looking for;

  1. Deposit Bonus: The amount of money that you will get as a bonus when you deposit for the first time or afterwards.
  2. Payout: There are several types of binary options opportunities and payouts out there.  Some brokers offer better payouts than others and there are also some that are faster than others.  Some broker, like 24option, allow members to get up to 91% off their trades.  Every person that gets into binary options trading is trying to earn some money and become more successful.  It is important to look for some of these features too: – Several payment options – Large or high bonuses – Reliable customer service and support.
  3. Deposit and withdrawal options: Trading platforms always have their own deposit and withdrawal options, so it is important to choose the one that will allow you to do these transactions with ease.
  4. Checking the times for market openings and closings, as well as what assets or stocks the broker offers.
  5. Deposit requirements or minimums: The trading platforms out there, will have their own deposit.
  6. Trading Services: Every trading platform, will have their own trading tools and services, which means that you must pick the one that best suits your needs.
  7. Demo Account: Most brokers will allow their members to set up a demo account and this is good as it will allow newbies to learn how the platform works and this even works for professional traders too.
  8. Customer support: If you have problems or need help in any way, your broker should be able to provide you with the customer service that you need at any time and very fast.  This is very important when choosing a binary options broker.
  9. Simple Platform: It is a very smart idea to choose a platform that is simple to use and that it is reliable too.  Traders must be able to use the platform easily and too quickly make trades or investments.
  10. Opportunity to invest in many assets: It is important to have the opportunity to invest in different assets, as this will guarantee that everything works out fine.  Investing in more than one asset is a good way to increase profits and reduce risks.
  11. Expiration date information: Being able to know when some expiration dates occur, will really help you to have more information about the investment and assets that you are trading.
  12. Payout with the most percentage: Brokers that are transparent and reliable give out some of the largest percentages of their members.  It is important to start looking for a broker that gives their members around 75 to 91 percent payout and even when there is not much success, someone could earn some five to ten percent income.
  13. More than one language: If you are a modern trader, you will be able to use the platform in more than one language and this is why it is important to find some of the platforms that are available in more than one language.

Even though the trading platforms have more than one thing in common, it is possible that they have very different trading methods, bonuses, initial deposit minimums, maximum income payout, methods for getting money in and out of your account, trade times and customer help or services. There are also some brokers who will return some of the invested money to their traders when they do not earn some income with some of their trades. This is why it is very important to find out information about the best Binary brokers from our Binary Options top list. It is also a good idea to use a binary robot to increase your income, as these are smart software programs for trading that hep even the best of traders.